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Personal Training


What do you receive from a Personal Training Service at Elite Health & Fitness?

  • Bespoke Training Program
  • Goal Setting and Strategy Plan
  • Fitness Testing
  • Regular Email & Telephone Contact
  • Regular Fitness Assessments
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Food Diary Analysis
  • Supplement Protocols
  • Weekly Measurements & Weigh-ins
  • Before and After Photographs – (with your permission)
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

*Additional fees may apply for nutritional advice/plans.

Online coaching

These packages are for those who want to be trained without one to one sessions. I offer bespoke training programmes and diet plans. I will gather as much information via email from the individual first, taking into account their goals and lifestyle etc. Then construct a customised plan suited to their needs. These plans are 12 week packages, I will be keeping in touch throughout the duration to give advice and support via email. Also, I will be monitoring their progress, i.e. if they’re bulking or cutting and reassess their body composition numbers every month that way we can change the amount of calories you need accordingly, to maximise getting the best results. Each individual is different and requires a different approach to training methods and nutrition. I don’t believe in just giving out generic programmes/plans to people and hoping for the best without caring if they get the results they desire. I want my clients to achieve the best results, that is why I take the time and effort to create these customised packages. If you’re interested, drop me an email then we can get the ball rolling.


12 Week Nutriton / Diet Plan
Contact me for more details
Tailormade to your goals - cutting/bulking
Calories & macros calculated to your needs
Plant based/vegan diet option available
Ongoing advice & support via email for the duration
12 Week Training Programmes
Contact me for more details
Tailormade to your goals/lifestyle
Hypertrophy (building muscle) Programmes
Strength training programmes
Functional training programmes
Ongoing advice & support via email for the duration