When it comes down to it nutrition in my eyes is the most important aspect of getting in shape and developing a healthy body and mind. With that being said I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area of expertise, through countless hours of studying, reading, also practising what I preach on myself and with my clients.

Over the years I have tried numerous diets. However, I anutritionm at a point in my life now where I know what feels best for my body. I have been following a plant-based diet since October 2017, I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made in terms of becoming healthier. It all started with me getting to the point where I got sick of eating tasteless chicken, rice and broccoli out of Tupperware. You will relate if you have been there yourself. That made me decide to cut out meat and give the vegetarian diet a go to see how It felt in terms of training and recovering. During the process I started to delve deeper into the plant-based diet, spending hours researching the subject. What I have learnt is amazing, a real eye-opener as to what health really means. My training, recovery and mental focus has improved tenfold since making the switch to the plant-based diet, you really have to experience it to understand what it feels like.

What I will say is do your own logical research and decide for yourself what is the right diet and lifestyle to follow. The diet I had been following up until that point eating meat, eggs and dairy most days is not as bad as some diets. Eating fast food, convenience store, processed foods on a daily basis is the root of most health issues in this 21st century. With that being said if you can eat a predominately whole foods plant-based diet with occasional meat, fish and dairy products, you will be healthy to a certain extent. However, in my opinion, and from how I feel since making the switch to a whole foods plant-based diet, it is the next level in terms of being as healthy as possible, whilst lowering the risk of all these modern-day health problems caused by diet and lifestyle.

I offer all of my one to one client’s customized diet/nutrition plans included in their training package. From the initial consultation, I will gather all the information I need to create a bespoke plan designed for their goals in mind. I also offer one-off individual customized diet plans if you’re just looking to get help in this area. Again, nutrition is the most important aspect of the journey, once you master this alongside the correct training program the results will just keep on coming.

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