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Hello, and welcome to Elite Health and Fitness from Plant-Based Mike – Personal Trainer Preston.

My name is Michael Standing, I am a Personal Trainer based at the Gym Group Preston, situated at Preston North End Football Stadium. I have a real passion for health, fitness, nutrition and I strive on a daily basis to help my clients achieve their goals. Whether it be to lose body fat, build muscle or improve general health, wellbeing and lifestyle I can help.

My fitness journey started back in 2007 when I decided to join the British Army, not being very fit or in good shape back then I soon developed a love and passion for exercising, pushing my body and seeing results. I learned that it is all about the mind-set and developing it in a way that makes you never quit or give up until you have given it your all. Trust me, it isn’t easy changing your body composition to the way you want it to be through diet and exercise, it takes discipline, commitment, hard work, dedication and a strong willpower, but let me tell you if I can do it so can you. It just takes the right mindset and attitude to see it through on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, enjoying the journey along the way. Seeing your body change and your strength, energy and fitness levels go up each week is very addictive and it will keep you coming back for more every week no matter how tough the training is.

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help guide you along the way and keep you on the right path. I became a physical training instructor during my time in the Army, training my comrades and soldiers on a daily basis. Since leaving the Army I become a Personal Trainer, I have built up a successful business over the past six years training numerous amounts of clients all with different fitness levels, goals and targets in sight.

If you want to make a start and take a step in the right direction, read my Personal Training page for more information on the services I provide then contact me today and book in for a consultation. I am here to motivate, inspire and help you reach your goals; just remember everybody is capable of getting the results they desire, it just takes belief, consistency and the right positive mental attitude.


Michael Standing

Personal Trainer Preston